The Heights Dental Gallery Difference

We love people, technology, and changing lives through innovative , IL dentistry.

Enhance Your Family's Oral Health

At The Heights Dental Gallery, we have a fresh and modern approach to dentistry that is making a real difference in our patients lives.

  • Technology = Comfort

    Are you looking for a dentist who prioritizes your comfort and overall experience? At Dr. Tejani’s modern office, we only use technology that benefits you, providing a higher level of care and a more comfortable visit. Don’t settle for outdated dentistry – experience the difference at our full-suite office.

  • Positive Vibes

    You’ll hear laughter and lively conversations from the moment you walk in to our practice. Our patients and team love to catch up, share stories, and maintain an upbeat positive vibe. Who says you can’t have some fun when visiting the dentist?

  • Quality-Driven

    Everything we do at The Heights Dental Gallery is underlined by quality and expertise. From our decor to our treatment plans, we use meticulous planning and patient feedback to make your visit like no other.

Reaching New Heights Together

More than 23 years of serving happy patients.

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Warm & Caring

Our team has created an inviting and family-style environment for all patients. We go the extra mile to ensure you feel heard and confident about your treatment.

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Efficient Outcomes

At our modern dental practice, we use advanced technology like digital scanners, x-rays, and lasers to improve the quality of our dentistry, resulting in long-lasting results and less time spent in the dental chair.

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Fix Your Smile

Dr. Tejani offers a comprehensive array of dental services designed to restore the look and health of your smile. Using her expertise and commitment to excellence, our dentist in Arlington Heights, IL provides you with the care you need.

Smile Testimonials

Our patients share their experiences.

Photo of the patient: Dale
Photo of the patient: Kathy
Photo of the patient: Dana
Photo of the patient: Jim

Discover how you can join our gallery of smiles!

Comfort Is at Our Core

Dentistry shouldn't evoke fear or anxiety. Our goal is to meet your needs in an atmosphere that suits you!

We know many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, which is why our team has designed a spa-like experience. During your visit, we’ll provide comforts like noise-cancelling headphones while clearly explaining each step. 

Here are some of the comfort and conveniences we provide:

  • Blankets
  • Neck pillows
  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones
  • Same day dentistry
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Spanish speaking team

Leave anxiety at the door when you visit !

Business Hours

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Wednesday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am – 2:00pm (Varies)

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