Botox & Juvederm

Did you know our Arlington Heights dental office provides cosmetic treatments?

Feel Refreshed with Botox

Why get this aesthetic treatment at the dentist?

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Botox is an injectable medication that stimulates the muscles, ultimately giving the area a more relaxed, youthful appearance.

Our dentist may also use Botox for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or teeth grinding because of its ability to relax the muscles.

It’s a quick treatment that can usually be given in about 15 minutes, making it a “lunchtime cosmetic treatment.” It’s ideal for anyone wanting a quick fix without downtime.

So you may question why you should choose a dentist for a procedure typically given by a cosmetic surgeon.

Well, Dr. Dimple Tejani underwent the necessary training to administer Botox and has a comprehensive understanding of the muscle composition in the face, allowing her to give you the results you desire with safety in mind.

Plus, she works with you and listens to your concerns to determine the most suitable solution for you, always keeping your happiness, safety, and desires in mind.

How Does Botox Work?

Learn how Botox works its magic.

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  • Look Younger

    Dr. Tejani will strategically select the doses and locations of your injection sites to target the nerves. Once injected, Botox hinders the nerve signals in that area, prohibiting the muscles from contracting, and ultimately, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and giving you a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

    Typically, the muscles remain this way for three to six months after Botox, though some people experience the effects for longer before needing another treatment.

  • TMJ Therapy

    Botox works similarly for TMJ as it does wrinkles. In fact, you might just notice you look a bit younger while getting this treatment for TMJ, but hey, it’s worth it, right?

    When injected, the medication inhibits muscle contractions, which causes the jaw to relax, leaving you with less pain. You’ll also notice you can move your jaw more than you could before the Botox.

  • Teeth Grinding

    Like with TMJ, Botox relaxes the jaw muscles and, as a result, will decrease any clenching or grinding. Not only does this ease the pain, but it also saves your teeth from all that stress. Ultimately, we’re getting to the root of the problem with this treatment.

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Revitalize Your Appearance with Juvederm

Discover for yourself why it’s the #1 dermal filler collection.

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Juvederm is an injectable solution ideal for fuller lips and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It consists of a hydrating substance found in the skin, eyes, and joints.

When used as a filler, the hydrating substance alleviates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for up to two years and acts as a lip enhancer, too.

Juvederm offers all kinds of benefits, including the following:

  • Looks natural
  • Provides immediate results
  • Is reversible
  • Doesn’t require downtime
  • Causes very few side effects (and minor ones at that)
  • Is minimally invasive with no downtime
  • Is known as a “lunch break treatment” because of how little time it takes
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