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Mother. Dentist. Expert

Dr. Dimple Tejani was born in Pennsylvania. As she was growing up, she watched her mother’s dedication as a parent and dentist, and decided to follow in her footsteps.

Fast forward to now, Dr. Tejani has been practicing since 2000, helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through tried and true dental services, like general dentistryLearn more about our services, as well as high-tech approaches, like CERECLearn more about our services.

Our Arlington Heights dentist is proud to follow in her mother’s footsteps and provide you with modern treatments to enhance your health and smile.

Dr. Tejani believes dentistry is truly an art. However, she always stresses the importance of oral health, seeing as how the mouth is the gateway to the body and plays a major role in overall health.

Besides her career in dentistry, Dr. Tejani is also a mother – a title and experience that has completely changed her life. She applies that same caring, nurturing nature of motherhood with her patients.

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Dr. Tejani takes every opportunity she can to enjoy life, both in and out of the office.

While at home, you can catch her spending time with her two children and cat. She also spends time exercising, golfing, skiing, and running.

As a friend and mother, she gives her all and doesn’t expect anything in return. This quality drove her to find her passion as she cares for her family and our dental family.

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