Laser Dentistry

v-patient2.jpgLaser Bacterial Reduction Procedure

We are very excited to be offering this service by our Laser Tissue Certified periodontal therapists, Michelle and Laura. Our laser decontamination process is painless, it will preserve your best oral health and it only takes 5-10 minutes. We recommend our laser dentistry to all patients, before their regular cleaning.

At The Heights Dental Gallery, we use the latest technology and equipment to protect you from periodontal (gum) disease, as part of our routine dental hygiene. This is our office laser bacteria reduction procedure, and it is easy and comfortable for you.

Periodontal disease is very common and needs special precautions in order to control or prevent it. Approximately 80% of adults are affected by this disease, because of the prevalence of bacterial infections in the gum pockets around teeth. This high rate of the disease has caused the dental industry to create an improved diagnostic and treatment plan, which is our laser bacteria reduction procedure from our office.

Our focus for eliminating periodontal disease includes removing mechanical irritants and gum tissue with disease, which makes up your regular hygiene cleaning, but also focusing on the root cause of bacterial infection in the gums. We recommend this tooth decontamination before we start your hygiene cleaning for the following reasons:

  1. To reduce or eliminate the presence of bacteria in your bloodstream: Your gums often bleed during a cleaning, because their tissues may get inflamed because the gums aren’t used to the pressure of a hygiene cleaning. Any bacteria within the mouth can then easily enter the bloodstream and from there, go anywhere in the body, including weakened or immune-compromised areas, such as a damaged heart valve or an artificial joint such as a hip or knee.

    If you are among the population that has a heart condition, artificial joints or something similar, we will give you appropriate medication prior to treatment to prevent or reduce the risk of bacterial harm to these areas.
  2. To prevent cross contamination: If you have one bacterial infection in your mouth, we don’t want it to spread to another area in the mouth. Decontamination through our Louisville laser dentistry is how we prevent or minimize the spread of bacteria.
  3. To kill the bacteria that causes periodontal disease: By killing bacteria and their infections before they grow or spread, causing physical destruction to your gums, we can prevent the widening of gum pockets and reduction of jaw bone density that is so detrimental to your oral health.

Keeping your teeth in topnotch dental health is easy and pain-free with non-surgical laser dentistry at The Heights Dental Gallery.